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Ready. Set. Smile.

SmileDirectClub delivers a smile you’ll love
—  without monthly office visits!

Get your aligners and start your journey.

We share a preview of your smile transformation, then create your custom aligners. We'll ship them to you all at once, so there's no wait. Complete your treatment plan in as little as 4 months.

To get started you can visit one of our SmileShops for a FREE in-person scan, or use our at-home kit to create an impression. Either way it’s risk free.

A superior alternative to braces for teens.

Our doctor-directed clear aligners are delivered
directly to you and managed through our
telehealth platform. Plus, they cost up to 60%
less than traditional braces.

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Which aligners are right for you?

Maybe you want your new smile in time for a special event 4-6 months from now. Or maybe timing isn’t as important as wearing your aligners only at night. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Glowing and grinning reviews.

“ There is pressure, there is pain, but there's a brand new smile at the end of the tunnel 🙂 I would definitely recommend this to anyone who's always wanted to fix their teeth but didn't have the financial power to do so. Quick and affordable and gets results! Thank You!“
Khandeece L.
“ Smile Direct Club for the win! I have three aligned left and never thought I’d finally have straight teeth without shelling out big bucks for traditional braces. I thought my teeth were too crooked for aligners and am soooo glad I took the plunge and tried it out anyways. Thank you! “
Niki Chun
" Thank you smiledirectclub for this. I am so happy to see my teeth getting better. I’m in my fourth month, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I hate going to the dentist so this setup is a dream come true. I never thought I'd be able to fix my teeth sitting at home!"
Luke Duong
“ Just incase you’re all wondering I’m still obsessed with my new smile and I can still get you all access to money off your aligners should you wish to sign up. DM me for details! smiledirectclub #sharemysmile #smiledirectclub #newteethwhodis #happy #clearbraces ”
Marcy Alves
San francisco
“ I am still AMAZED at the results smiledirectclub provided to me! At times asked myself was it really worth it because there were moments when it seemed like nothing was changing, BUT I stayed the course and Motivated myself to finish this Process! "
Bansilal Brata
“ What a difference a year (almost) makes! I am now down to 3 weeks remaining in my #smilejourney and I have to say I can’t stop looking at my teeth. I can’t believe food sticks in my front teeth either. (Weird right? 🤔🧐). Thank you smiledirectclub. Y’all the real deal! #smiles #invisiblebraces #clearaligners #teledentistry #smiledirectclub #orthodontics #dentistryworld “
Carl Denisov

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